Monday, August 11, 2008

Organic Innovations

So it's been awhile but we've been busy dreaming up ways to shake things up and make our beer better. Hopefully if you've had the Walt Wit in the last month or two you've noticed an improved citrusy depth of character and a nice snappy acidity.

If you've passed it by since we first released it go get some and give him another shot.

Two months ago I decided to trust my instincts and try something different - whole organic ruby grapefruit. We had been using dried peel ( the kind you can get at the homebrew shop) because its economical, easy to store, easy to use, and the standard method of using citrus fruit peel in beer. All the brewing texts warn against using whole fruit - 'watch out for the pectins!' - whole fruit will destroy your beer, create a haze, harm the yeast, become harsh off-flavors! ... so they say.

Nonsense I figured - fresher must = better. And it is. I could tell you all about it using fancy descriptive words but you really have to taste it to see. I wouldn't be cutting and squeezing a whole case of grapefruit for every batch if it wasn't worth it.

It makes for a lot of work- but also some really tasty beer, especially during these hot late summer days.

~ Also, a huge thanks to Carolynn at Standard Tap for hooking me up with her supplier of organic produce who goes out of his way to supply us with relatively small quantities of fruit.