Saturday, March 15, 2008

Philly Beer Week concludes

As our first week of distribution and Philly Beer Week draws to a close I need to thank all the good folks who supported the cause. Everybody has been amazing.

I had the opportunity to meet many people this week, get lots of positive feedback, and think up some new ideas. Sometime its real nice to get outta the brewery. As a brewer, all the planning and technical brewing knowledge in the world is no replacement for sitting in a local pub and drinking every one of your beers - and talking to others who are. I'm so proud of what we've accomplished.

The Kenzinger is so dangerously drinkable - smooth and classy.

The Walt Wit is distinctive from most other white beers - crisp and spicy and pleasantly dry finishing.

The New Bold IPA has a solid malt character and a not-so-abrasively-bitter rounded hoppiness - fruity and herbal.

The Philadelphia-style Rowhouse Red is surprisingly funky with all its different malts balancing each other and showcasing an awesome yeast character.

I couldn't be much happier with the release of these 4 right from the start but I promise they're only gonna get better. We're going to get that bottling line up and running and release bottles next week. This has been a great beginning for us - and we've got a lot more tricks up our sleeves.

Again, I'm sincerely grateful to get the chance to drink our beer with you all in person. You could have been any number of places drinking with someone else but thanks for drinking with me.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Go get some!

So last Wednesday our first trucks rolled out of the courtyard loading dock with Kenzinger, Walt Wit, and Rowhouse Red. Kegs were tapped throughout the city - many immediately. Reports have been very positive so far and I've been told that by Friday we already had a few calls for re-orders! has a preliminary list:

New Bold IPA will debut at The Brewer's Plate on Sunday and will roll out for deliveries to local bars just in time for Beer Week.

I'm anxious to continue to get feedback (and orders) for all of these beers. In the meantime we'd better make some more.

The name says it all

MyFox Philadelphia has done a good job putting together a feature on PBC for Philadelphia Beer Week:

Monday, March 3, 2008

Just in time for Philly Beer Week

... Some good reading about the upcoming Philadelphia Beer Week and an argument for our city as the best 'beer city' ~ I'd say pretty convincing.

" A Toast to a city of brews" by Craig LaBan

Also, here at PBC we have respectively filtered and un-filtered the Kenzinger and the Walt Wit! They're in the bright tanks, carbonated, and probably being pushed into shiny clean kegs by one of our hard-working PBC keg racking team members as you read this.

Detailed tasting notes to come but for now all you need to know is that they taste great. Upon first sip my initial thought was, ' I could drink a lot of these.' Simple - but the most important trait of a well made beer. Always a very good sign - echoed by all the staff/taste testers here at the brewery.

Very soon to follow will be the New Bold IPA and the Rowhouse Red - exciting stuff!