Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Art and Industry

I've decided to start a blog. I resisted for a good long time but my increasing addiction to reading them has prompted me to create one. I keep a personal journal of random thoughts but i believe this can be the 'yang' to that 'yin.' There is a huge difference between writing with the intention of privacy and writing with the possibility of anyone anywhere reading. A much different level of responsibility.

Further explanation:

Art & Industry ~ For the most part I don't like titles. They tend to be very limiting in any circumstance. But they do serve a purpose and I had to choose something. I stole this title from near the corner of American/ Susquehanna St.'s in Philadelphia. Painted long ago on an old Industrial brick building are these words all in caps and with a very industrial typeface. The white letters are faded almost completely over a black background. It must be 30' long and 8' high. I drive by this everyday as i approach the Kensington neighborhood on my way to work at the brewery. * Was there ever a more eloquent and inspirational phrase? I think not. It puts a smile on my face everyday. It embodies everything I aspire to be.

So there it is. This all-encompassing titled blog will likely be filled with sometimes serious thoughts, news, current events, ramblings, nonsense, lots of brewing and beer related things, and all the things that make up the entropy of my mind. If your reading - thanks.

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