Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Springtime at the Brewery

I'd almost forgotten about this video clip I took of the first bottles to come off our line. By the end of March we bottled the Walt Wit with the other three closely behind. Ever since its been full steam ahead.

There's alot going on around here during the spring months. We've opened the doors for tours again! So come on by any Saturday after 12 noon and see all this for yourself.

Also, we've got the talented Jason Simon back on the brewing team. Jason worked with Josh and I at Yards before leaving to hang out at Dogfishhead Brewery for awhile. Now we're more than glad to have him back - he knows his way around the brewery - and with him around I can quit sleeping at the brewery and go home now and again!

HOPS! With the sun hitting our courtyard, my hops have begun to break ground - and fast. Last season I dug out some of the Belgian block of the loading dock area, loosened the Kensington dirt, and planted a few hop rhizomes. Now in their second season they are breaking ground 2 months earlier than last year and should give great yields! I'm digging out some more blocks to expose more soil and will be adding 5 more varieties this year.

Second year hops: Willamette, Brewers Gold, Hallertau, Crystal, Centennial

First year hops (new this season): Mt. Hood, Sterling, Chinook, Cascade, Northern Brewer

Pictures to come soon ...


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