Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Running with beer

I'd like to call attention to

I just became aware of these folks and i think it's a great idea.

They seek to "combine responsible running with responsible drinking in the interest of science."

Their Mission: The primary mission is to test the results of a scientific research study conducted by Manuel J Castillo-Garzon, MD, PhD, Professor of Medical Physiology, School of Medicine, at the University of Granada. The study said it is better to drink beer rather than water after a long run. (FINE PRINT: until this is proven, we encourage proper water hydration while running)

Beyond this important work, other goals are:

1) to encourage people to exercise by running (or walking)

2) to provide friendly camaraderie for all who hate to exercise

3) to promote the responsible enjoyment of QUALITY beer

4) to support local tavern owners and breweries; and to promote a ban on spandex.

This is nothing new to Bryan over at the Brew Lounge who organized the Philly Beer Run during Philly Beer week.

Anyways I think its long overdue that we change the misconception that all beer drinkers (and brewers for that matter) are fat or unhealthy. In many cases the opposite is true.

I may have to join on a run or two. I frequently go running on the trails through Wissahickon Park and have found that after coming home and re-hydrating with a pint or two of water or gatorade the best way to cool down, recover, and relax is with a couple of Kenzinger's on my back porch. It drinks pretty good!

And if you're some sort of neo-prohibitionist weirdo who is also a runner and thinks I'm full of it ... I'll race ya.

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DNA said...


I just received an e-mail from Dr. Garzon, the author of the beer- hydration study, he is planning to start a running club in Granada. He also wants to do a beer & running exchange. Looks like the Fishtown Beer Runners may run and drink themselves to Spain.

How about you joing us some time?

David April