Monday, September 29, 2008

Philly's animals need our help

Put your beer down for just a minute.

I've just heard that the Philadelphia Department of Public Health has issued an open bid for animal control operations in the city to be effective Jan. 1st. The contract is defined by, "accepting and humanely disposing of up to 30,000 unwanted pets per year." There is no dedication to lifesaving (adoption) efforts. In the last 3 years under much public outcry PACCA has brought the shelter save rate from 11% to 60%. Now PACCA may be pushed aside for the lowest bidder who can do the dirtiest work for the cheapest. The focus is 'control' not 'care'. The contract has been described as "catch and kill". This makes animals disposable objects - and ignores their value as living breathing companions.

In an article written in the Daily News titled, 'Has Philadelphia signed a death sentence for innocent lost animals?', Stu Bykofsky describes the failure of the Health Department to make life saving a priority.

This is important. PAWS (Philadelphia Animal Welfare Society) has contacts to Mayor Nutter's Office and other local & city council representatives.

You might also visit: Citizens for a no Kill Philadelphia.

My two dogs are from Philadelphia shelters ~ the oldest from PACCA's Northeast Hunting Park Ave shelter. I cringe to imagine her life lost had we not happened to go to the shelter that day. If you've never been there I challenge anyone to find a sadder place to visit. Many great animals that will never get a chance at a good home.

A famous thinker once speculated that to judge the success and sophistication of a civilization one must only look at the way it cares for its animal companions.

This directly reflects on who we are. Do something, tell somebody, send an email, anything.

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